5 Great Iconic Historic London Pubs
5 Great Iconic Historic London Pubs

London’s Best Historic Pubs

Recent years have seen a continuous decline in the numbers of pubs. This is not only true of London but of the country as a whole. Pubs have had to evolve to survive. Where once they were solely viewed as simply social meeting points they now are more like entertainment centres and restaurants with drinking almost an afterthought. Despite these changes there are still pubs of historical interest that have managed to promote that history whilst adapting to modern tastes and are well worth visiting.

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The George Inn
The George Inn Yard, 77 Borough High St, London SE1 1NH

The George dates from 1677 and is the only remaining galleried Inn in London. Used as a watering hole by the likes of Shakespeare and Dickens it certainly doesn’t lack a history. The building is partially timbered with a galleried courtyard where once Elizabethan plays were performed. The plebs stood in the courtyard and those with money occupied the galleries. The George Inn

Friday night 5pm…… everywhere was packed as you can imagine. Stumbled across this great old fashioned pub. The food served was fine but what really made it was the service from the lovely lady upstairs……. she was great and knew exactly what she was doing and holding the fort on her own and very well! Looked after us and found us a lovely table!….. Really great pub to visit for historical point of view! The toilets are even outside!

The Coal Hole
91-92 Strand, London WC2R 0DW

Though not as old as The George Inn it still has it’s own interesting history. Reputedly the site of the coal cellar for the Savoy Hotel it was a regular venue for Gilbert & Sullivan productions during the Edwardian era. It is also a grade II listed building. The Coal Hole

Once frequented by Richard Harris….. great location for central London sights, can get very busy so finding a set may be a problem

The Seven Stars
53 Carey Street, London WC2A 2JB

The premises were built in 1602 hence it has a history that pre dates the Great Fire of London. Though there are gaps in it’s history (due to the fire) it has almost certainly been an ale house/pub on a continuous basis. Being in the Temple Bar area it does have, as you would expect, a large legal clientele. It is what you might call ‘cosy’ (i.e. small) so best avoided at peak times. The Seven Stars

….. by accident really we’d found it a while ago and thought it would be nice to try……….. it was doing food all day…….. a really unusual short menu which was hard to resist. The food was delicious ………….. the beer was great as was the house wine, and the folk were welcoming…………. it is a fascinating place with lots of history and the feel of a genuine local so missing in many Central London pubs. We loved it and will return………

The Ten Bells
84 Commercial Street, London E1 6LY

No list of historic pubs would be complete without one associated with Jack the Ripper. Two of Jack’s victims reputedly drank/picked up clients here though with all things ‘Ripper’ you believe what you believe. On a different tack Jamie Oliver’s great-great-grandfather was once the landlord here (1880’s). The Ten Bells

friendly staff and good atmosphere…….. lots of history the pub used by most of Jack The Rippers victims in 1888 the area has hardly changed…. some interesting houses and streets close to pub and directly opposite Spitalfield Market……….

The Mayflower
117 Rotherhithe Street London SE16 4NF

This is another of London’s ancient pubs. It is situated by the mooring point of the Mayflower that set sail for America in 1620 though it is difficult to believe any of the passengers might have popped in for a pint! It is very atmospheric with it pew like seats, old beams and open fire as well as good views of the river Thames. The Mayflower

Great old pub ….. at the spot where the Mayflower set sail. Very old interior. Service was great, the ales tasty, and a great back deck facing the Thames. Across the street from an old church and graveyard of the Mayflower captain. …..favourite pub on my trip!

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