Difficult Access : Platform Hoists

Do you have limited access to your office?

Do you have office equipment and furniture that is too big to get down those tight stair well?

The answer is a furniture platform hoist.

When access to premises through stairs, doorways or small service lifts is limited the use of our platform hoist can overcome these obstacles. Often items are so heavy or bulky that conventional means of access using a service lift or stairs is not feasible without compromising the health and safety of staff.

Furniture Platform Hoist London Kent

In addition the use of our hoist service can be extremely cost effective in terms of labour and time saving.

Our standard platform hoist has the following features:

  • 400 kg maximum load
  • 24 m lift capacity

For those areas with height restrictions (e.g. archways) impeding access then our smaller portable hoist can be used.

If required we can take out windows enabling the items to be taken in with the minimum of fuss and in a safe and efficient manner.

The hoist is operated by a fully (manufacturer) trained operator. The hoists themselves are regularly inspected as to safety & functioning (LOLER inspections) so customers can be assured that the equipment is being operated in a safe & proper manner.

Where our hoists are used as part of an office relocation we can assist with issues such as RAMS/parking and permits.

Do You Require a Platform Hoist Due To Limited Access?

If you have limited access to your business premises and moving office equipment and furniture is hindered or made almost impossible to remove, we have the ideal solution – a mobile furniture platform hoist. Call us on 0800 633 5932 to book a FREE quotation.

We offer a range of office removals and relocation services –  packing, specialist commercial moving services, business storage, disposals, platform hoist hire and packaging specifically manufactured for removals.

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