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Not all office relocations involve moving to another external location.

Often the moving is simply from one floor of a building to another floor or to another block in the same complex. Though there is no distance involved many of the same issues as an external move must be considered. Contents must packed with care, IT equipment packed and crated, desks and workstations must be dismantled and everything must be reassembled and unpacked in the new location. This is not a job for the customer’s staff – the work usually involves dismantling & reassembly and much heavy lifting. You require a professional and experienced mover such as Casey’s in order to ensure an efficient move done within specified time-scales.

Internal Office Business Moves London Kent

Why choose Casey’s Removals?

We have the staff and we have all the required equipment such as crates, tools and skates. Your staff will experience minimum down time hence enhancing your productivity.

Our business is to move your business so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your internal move is being handled by professionals.

  • Professional pre-planning
  • We have extensive experience across a wide range of industries
  • IT moving expertise
  • Expert packing service
  • Free onsite survey by experienced estimators & coordinators

Casey’s Office Relocations can help you with

  • Office expansion
  • Relocation between floors
  • Moving office furniture and equipment for office refurbishments
  • Other ancillary services such as storage, office recycling and disposal of surplus furniture/equipment/office contents, confidential waste disposal.

Benefits of using Casey’s:

  • We are professionals. We will ensure the correct handling of glassware, electronics, IT equipment, office furniture and all office contents.
  • By using our professional services you will save time and money by allowing your staff to do what they do best and us as experienced professional movers to do what we do best.

We can offer a professional range of services – relocations, packing, storage, disposals, platform hoist hire and packaging specifically manufactured for removals.

Internal Office Corporate Moves London Kent

Need Help With Your Internal Office Move?

Call us today on 0800 6330 5932 and let us make your internal office move seamless. We will make the move safer, more affordable and faster with the help of our experts. All you need to move is your coffee cup!

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