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For most businesses IT is critical. Gone are the days of entirely paper based systems. Today vast amounts of business data are held purely in a digital format – on PC hard drives, on servers, laptops tablets and even I-phones.

The majority of businesses will either have an in-house IT department or out-source IT maintenance to an expert external supplier hence recognizing the critical importance IT plays in the organisation. Whether you are moving to a new location or just preparing for an internal move, Casey’s Removals are able to help you make that transition a hassle free and smooth one.

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Whilst in-house/external experts are vitally important in ensuring your data safety & integrity the physical relocation of equipment is also vitally important. Many thousands of pounds are often tied up in a vast array of equipment – Servers, PCs, Screens, Laptops, Tablets, and other peripheral equipment. All of this must be relocated safely and professionally to your new location whether internal or external.

We have extensive experience in safely and professionally moving such equipment with our experienced team of movers. We ensure that all items are correctly packed using standard crates, IT crates, bubble wrap and other appropriate packaging.

Some of the benefits of using Casey’s are:

  • Experienced & professional business IT movers
  • Provision of crates, IT crates, anti-static bubble wrap/bubble wrap, stair-climber, furniture hoist.
  • Can provide services outside business hours – evenings, weekends and bank holidays hence minimizing down time.

We are happy to work closely with your own IT staff as we are acutely aware of the need for communication and coordination in order to achieve any successful relocation.

IT Office Relocation Company London Kent

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