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For many business moves it is of great benefit to have experience of a particular type of business. This means an accumulation of knowledge and experience of various business types that helps greatly in both planning and carrying out the relocation. Commercial removals company, Casey’s Office Relocations have over a number of years been able to accumulate this knowledge and experience which is of great benefit to both the customer and us.

Moving Commercial Kitchen Equipment Movers

Below are examples of different types of commercial and business relocations that we have carried out:

  • Warehouse Removals and Relocations
  • Hospitals, Hospices and Care Homes
  • Safe Removal Service
  • Heavy Goods and Machinery (Industrial Machinery)
  • Gymnasium Removals Service – Gym Removals
  • Hotel & Kitchen Removals (including Commercial Kitchen Removals)
  • Commercial Shops & Retailers

  • Education Facilities, including Schools, Universities, Colleges and Nurseries
  • Social & Charitable Organisations
  • Exhibitions and Event Companies
  • Architects
  • Disaster Restoration & Insurance Companies
  • Fashion (clothiers)
  • Financial Services, such as Insurance Brokers
warehouse relocation moving companies

Warehouse Removals & Relocations

Warehouses can contain literally anything you can imagine. Typically warehouse removals are large (well they are warehouses) and require literally hundreds of crates (supplied by us) to pack and remove the contents. Often these are 2-3 day relocations using high capacity 18t vans and large moving teams.

Hospitals, Hospices and Care Homes

Any move or relocation involving these types of organisations involves particular recognition of the fact that the organisation will have an overriding objective of minimising disruption of service to their patients and residents. Often the equipment to be relocated is heavy and of a specialist nature (e.g. beds/cot beds) and requires adequate manpower and delicate handling.

Restaurant, Hotel & Kitchen Removals (including Commercial Kitchen Removals)

These businesses in the hospitality & services sector are typically relocating premises or doing major refurbishments. They require either medium/long term use of our storage facilities or for us to be able to provide a fast turnaround service minimising the loss of revenue.


Though this is mostly a people business there is still surprising a lot of paperwork and fittings that are particular to this profession. It is not every day you have to handle a delicate model of a 30 storey building in the heart of London and deliver it safely to its destination.

Educational Facilities

The Easter & Summer breaks are particularly popular for educational establishments (universities, colleges, schools and nursaries) to undertake building and maintenance work. Time scales are very specific & tight. Desks, chairs, blackboards/whiteboards and the like must be dismantled removed (to onsite storage or our storage, the works completed and then everything brought back, reassembled and placed in situ. This is where using a dedicated, hard working and professional relocation company like Casey’s Office Relocations will prove invaluable.

Commercial Architect Movers and Removal Company
Commercial Tetailers Shop Movers & Removals Company

Fashion & Clothing Companies

We provide our services to all sizes of business – from large fashion wholesalers (with large warehouses) to stand alone retail fashion & clothing outlets. Often the goods being removed / relocated represent have a high intellectual property value attached (in the form of trademarks etc) and to even handle these items involves staff checks and the signing of confidentiality agreements. It is like trying to get into Fort Knox! One of the most reassuring aspects for our customers is that we do not use agency staff hence we are confident of the professionalism and integrity of our staff.

Exhibitions and Events Companies

Many companies hold events such as conferences, training days or open evenings whereby space that is normally used in day to day activities has to be transformed for a short space of time for these events. These events often finish late in the evening leaving a short amount of time for the space to be transformed back to its normal state. Whatever you requirements we can accommodate all your needs so that there is a seamless transition from working to event and back again.

Disaster Restoration & Insurance Companies

Unwanted events such as fire, flooding and subsidence are unfortunately all too common. Usually this means vacating premises at short notice whilst remedial work is undertaken. We are often involved as part of the recovery operation at the behest of an insurer. We can offer services such as removal of all contents and storage for the duration of the works.

Business Disaster Recovery flooded town
City of London office removals

Moving Financial Services

London is home to a plethora of companies comprising the financial services industry. Probably more than most types of companies they are constantly on the move. An increasingly popular move is into serviced offices. Not only do they require a move that minimises down time but they require either the storage of surplus furniture and fittings or the disposal of such items. Such a move is also an opportunity to have ‘a clear out’ with the shredding of confidential waste. These are all services that Casey’s Office Relocations can provide.

Other Business Types

Over the years we have undertaken moving and providing complementary services to all types of business – Gyms, retail shops, Social & Charitable organisations and many more. The basics of a move are the same. The value we strive to provide is through listening to a customer’s needs and requirements and then doing our utmost to deliver.

If you work in a challenging environment or would like to discuss a specialist business move then get in touch with our commercial team now.

Looking For Specialist Business Movers?

If you’re looking for high quality specialist moving services by a professional and reliable business and office moving company, then contact us now on 0800 633 5932.

As a London based business and office removals company, who can provide specialist moving services, we can help you relocate premises from within London to Kent, Surrey and anywhere else in the UK. We can even help move your business abroad.

We also offer a professional range of office removals and relocation services –  packing, business storage, disposals, platform hoist hire and packaging specifically manufactured for removals.

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